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"Depression is not a mystery nor is it a sickness. Depression symptoms are the direct result of undealt with subtle to gross trauma. The root of these symptoms can be permanently dealt with in a short space of time. In most cases, it takes less than a week to be free from the root cause of your Depression Symptoms.’’
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Finally, the Future of Therapy has arrived!

7 Days is all it takes to ‘cure’ your depression!

A down to earth, drug free and extremely effective technique that enables you to feel good!

Come and discover why people fly from as far as Europe and Dubai to seek treatment with Jaan Jerabek on his 7 Day Residential Program – Transitions.


Depression is not a mystery.
It is not a ‘sickness’.
Its origin is not a genetic or chemical imbalance in the brain.
It is not something that you need to learn to live with or spend months or years trying to heal…
It is not something you can heal by paying someone to ‘talk about it’


Depression is emotional constipation.

When your unconscious, the ‘garbage bin/ memory bank of your life experience’ is ‘clogged up’ with emotions that are past their expiry date to be released, the effect is emotional constipation!

This applies to us all. No one is spared. When you are clogged up physically, you feel heavy, stuck, uncomfortable, toxic and joy & pleasure is limited. Same too with emotional constipation. It is an emotional/ energetic heaviness, a feeling of being ‘stuck’, discomfort, lack of joy & pleasure, you do not want to move, everything is difficult and so forth. This emotional ‘clogging up’ can result from simple cultural and family conditioning of not allowing yourself to feel your emotions, hence allowing them to flow, all the way to subtle or significant emotional trauma that has not been dealt with fully.

If you allow yourself to feel your primary emotions of anger, sadness, fear, shame & guilt, you process your emotions in a healthy way and they work their way thru you. They flow thru you… not get ‘stuck’ and ‘clogged up’ in you, causing the ’emotional constipation’ effect. When the energy of your emotions become ‘backed up’ and cause ’emotional blockages’, the rest of your emotional system, your ability to feel the whole spectrum of emotions including the positive emotions of joy, love, inspiration, connection and ‘unconditional happiness’ is affected. After years of not allowing yourself to feel these emotions they become deeply buried and need specialist assistance to ‘dig them up’ the at the root. This may not sound like much fun or something very pleasant, but it is like extracting a rotten tooth or operating on a diseased organ… trepidation and avoidance at first, a bit unpleasant whilst the procedure is happening, but straight away you start to feel so much better and think “Why didn’t I do that earlier!”

Many people both with depression and those without tend to think that they do not have these emotions of anger, sadness, fear, shame & guilt running ( ruining ) their life, but the truth is… Read More

Depression explained using the psychological model

From a consciousness point of view depression is simply a blocked heart centre and blocked energy channels that result in the blocking of all energy flow. It doesn’t’t must take years or decades to unblock these channels. Generally, the stuck/jammed energies are the result of unexpressed or unassimilated emotions (depression) and these energies prevent the innate energy of joy, love and happiness from being experienced! You may ask yourself “How does not feeling negative emotions result in us not feeling positive emotions?” The answer is straightforward. Our heart is affected! Our heart is the ‘Central Processing Unit’ of our body and mind.

Depression explained using the ‘spiritual’ model

You see… we only have the one ‘FEELING ORGAN’— the heart energy centre (what the ancient spiritual traditions and philosophies refer to as the heart chakra or the heart/feeling centre).

We feel everything, the good & the bad through the heart/ feeling centre…

As children, we are not emotionally mature enough to logically process and deal with the powerful emotions of childhood – fear & terror, sadness & despair, frustration & anger, shame, guilt, loneliness, feelings of something being different/wrong with us, feeling unlovable, feeling not good enough and so forth.

In an act of self-preservation, we shut down our heart/ feeling centre so as not to feel these ‘unpleasant emotions’. Unfortunately and inadvertently this means closing off the heart/ feeling centre to all the good emotions also – joy, happiness for no reason, love, connection with others and the world around us, our inspiration, our feeling of connection to our innate spiritual, joyful states…Also when you close your heart to avoid feeling the bad/unpleasant emotions, or when you are conditioned to shut down and not expressing the emotional energy that you feel as a child, your heart closes itself against fully feeling anything, your feelings then become muted, warped, toxic, tainted, smothered, buried. Then, voila! Depression and its symptoms of emptiness, numbness, helplessness, hopelessness prevail. These negative states of being then almost become a negative energy filter thru which we experience life, even our thinking process through, hence the negative outlook and negative mind chatter that comes with depression.


In most cases, we can help you uncover and permanently heal & resolve the root cause of your depression symptoms in our 7 Day Residential Program. Even if you have been diagnosed with the more ‘severe’ form of depression such as bi-polar depression.

How can we do this so quickly?

The answer is with Cathartic Breathwork – The Future of Therapy. Available to us Now!

Cathartic Breathwork is what enables the emotional enema that is needed to occur. It is very unique, powerful and very effective. One of those rare techniques that usually delivers more than it promises. There is nothing else like it in both its nature and its ability to give results very quickly and directly. It really is the future of therapy. Cathartic Breathwork is an unconscious mind ‘Defence’ displacement technique. Not some mere ‘breathing exercise’ that you need to practice daily for months or years on end to get noticeable, if any at all, benefits. You can find these forms of breathing exercises on the internet for free or in a book.

Cathartic Breathwork ( CBW ) is a very unique and specific type of Breathwork. Do not let the name fool you. It is not about deep breathing or ‘learning how to breath correctly’. CBW is 60 minutes or more of a very particular depth, speed, and intensity of breathing, done only thru the mouth, in a controlled pattern and most importantly guided by an experienced ’emotional trauma release’ therapist. The very precise breathing pattern breaks down the barrier between conscious and unconscious, giving the person undergoing treatment a chance to feel and express all the emotions that had been till that moment trapped in the unconscious. It allows for ‘Emotional Level Memory’ recall. Very different to a ‘Regression’ technique. Releasing these blocked/ suppressed/ deeply buried emotions is the equivalent of ‘uprooting’ the very root of your depression symptoms! Permanently. It is like an ’emotional enema’. It works from the 1st session onwards. Giving noticeable benefits within the first 1 to 3 sessions. The more sessions you have, the better you feel. Guaranteed. It is a genuine unconscious mind cleansing technique that the next generation of psychotherapists have been developing and refining over the last 50 years or so. It is the Future of Therapy and it is available to use now.

ABOUT JAAN JERABEK, The Founder of ‘The Depression Solution’

After over 22 years of hosting group treatment programs, 16 years of which Jaan has been the Director of a private ‘Emotional Trauma Release’ Breathwork Therapy College, Jaan has helped 1000’s of individuals resolve their anxiety, depression, relationship issues and other life issues and trained a generation of unique ‘Emotional Trauma Release Specialists’. This has left Jaan in the privileged position of personally facilitating and overseeing 1000’s of individual and group breathwork treatments. This has enabled him to acquire an unrivalled understanding of the unconscious minds’ defence mechanisms and a very rare and highly regarded level of skill when it comes to helping people uncover the roots of their life issues and resolving them permanently so as they can live fully again, experience inner peace and emotional wellbeing.

Our next life changing programs are:

7 Day – Advanced Life Transformation Residential:
15th till 21st Jan 2018
Intimate group of only 8 people approx – Exclusive Group for sensitive & ultra confidential issues
2 Day – Weekend Residential Introductory program:
15th till 21st October 2018
Larger group of approx 50 people in a Private Boutique Resort in Sunshsine Coast. Early birds apply every month. Sooner you register , cheaper it will be for you!


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From Depression to total freedom / 100% healed in 7 Day ( SEVEN DAYS!!!! ) Residential with me.


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If you are ready to make a real change in how you feel, deal with your depression once and for all, finally make yourself emotionally available to your family, friends and start living fully again, call us NOW on 1300 500 881. Our 7 Day Programs have a limit of 16 participants and we only run the program 4 times per year with people flying as far as Europe to attend them.

So if truly sick of being depressed and you are ready to make the change call now on 1300 500 881.