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In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 1300 500 881 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

Finally, the future of Anxiety& Depression Treatment is here!

The Future of Therapy. Now.

Imagine you or a loved one becoming free of Anxiety and or Depression in just a week. In most cases 7 Days is all it takes to ‘resolve’ your anxiety and or depression to a large degree… if not fully!
A grounded & effective, holistic and drug free technique that enables you to feel good again in a short space of time!

Call today on 1300 500 881 (or if overseas overseas +61 2 4977 3303) to find out how we can help you in a short space of time through private one to one treatment or our 7 Day Residential Program.

We have people fly from as far as Europe and Dubai to seek treatment with us and we welcome you to do the same.


  • Depression OR Anxiety is not a mystery.
  • It is not a ‘mental illness’.
  • Its origin is not genetic, nor is it a chemical imbalance in the brain.
  • IT IS DEFINITELY NOT something that you need to learn to live with or spend months or years trying to resolve.
  • It is unfortunately also not something you can heal by paying someone to ‘talk about it’ as you can do this with a best friend.
  • NOR is it something you can simply resolve by ‘changing your thoughts from negative to positive ones… Gee, How Genius!!!! Just think happy thoughts instead of Negative ones – ‘’Be Calm & Happy!’’ Obviously, the advice and approaches by people who have never suffered this debilitating condition.


  • A build-up of emotional trauma that results in emotional toxicity which causes ’emotional constipation’ that depression really is that can be relieved in just 7 days – 1 week of your life.
  • This same build up of emotional trauma is what triggers the ‘fight or flight response which accounts for most if not all anxiety symptoms.


When your unconscious, the ‘database/ memory bank of your life experience’ is ‘clogged up’ with emotions that are past their expiry date to be released, the effect is emotional toxicity – This results in both the ‘Fight or Flight’ defence system becoming triggered – what we refer to as Anxiety and it is also what is behind the whole range of symptoms we call Depression.

This phenomena applies to all of us. No one is spared. Some are fortunate and carry only 10 – 100 units of this ‘Emotional toxicity build up’ and they will have mild symptoms such as ‘Moodiness’ frustration, negative thinking -mild depression symptoms – not enough to interfere with life though. Whilst others feel like they cannot sit still, get antsy, find it hard to relax, their mind races back and forth – mild anxiety symptoms. Also not enough to interfere with life too much.

Unfortunately some individuals will have anywhere from 100 -1000 units of this ‘Emotional Toxicity build up and this is when a ‘diagnosis’ of Depression ( or one of its forms are diagnosed ) Or the ‘diagnosis’ of Anxiety is given ( also depending on the type & severity of the symptoms a different diagnosis can be given). Just like when you are clogged up physically, you feel heavy, stuck, uncomfortable, toxic and joy & pleasure is limited. Same too with emotional constipation. It is an emotional/ energetic heaviness and you feel tired and unmotivated, a feeling of being ‘stuck’, discomfort, a lack of joy & pleasure results, you do not want to move, everything seems difficult and many other unpleasant symptoms come & go – see ‘Signs & Symptoms of Depression’. This emotional ‘clogging up’ can result from simple cultural and family conditioning of not allowing yourself to feel your emotions OR it is usually a build-up of one or more of the many ‘Subtle & Gross Trauma’s’ ( see page on trauma – link ) we can experience throughout our life. It is this emotional trauma that ‘clogs’ you up that is the same phenomena your ‘defences’ view as a threat to your wellbeing and feeling good and end up ‘triggering’ the ‘Fight or Flight’ response that results in the ‘Panic/ Anxiety’ attack. The severity of trauma build up has a co-relation to the severity of the anxiety.

Our treatment for depression & anxiety

If you allow yourself to undergo our proven treatment, using our main drug free, holistic & highly effective techniques (that are gradually becoming accepted by the psychological & medical models) to uncover un-resolved past experiences that have resulted in this ‘backlog’ of emotions, AND you allow yourself feel your primary emotions of anger, sadness, fear, shame & guilt, the result is the healthy & permanent processing of the ‘root’ emotions  that are behind the symptoms of both Anxiety & Depression.

The thought of ‘processing’ these emotions may sound challenging and un-pleasant, but it is like extracting a rotten tooth or operating on a diseased organ… trepidation and avoidance at first, a bit unpleasant whilst the procedure is happening, but straight away you start to feel so much better and think “Why didn’t I do this earlier? So simple and I feel so much better already”


Depression explained using the psychological model

From a psychological point of view, depression is simply a result of the unconscious layers of our mind holding onto old and un-necessary emotional trauma as a result of suppression, repression, dis-association or simply being too young to rationally process our emotions when we experienced unpleasant occurrence’s during our youth & teenage years. It doesn’t have to take years or decades to release these ‘memories’. Generally, the repressed emotions are the result of unexpressed or unassimilated emotions and these unpleasant feelings forced us to close our heart so as we would not have to feel them. This heart closing process/ heart shutdown also results in us experiencing the natural feelings of joy, love and happiness for no reason. You may ask yourself “How does not feeling negative emotions result in us not feeling positive emotions?” The answer is straightforward. Our heart is the ‘Central Processing Unit’ of our body and mind.


In most cases, we can help you uncover and permanently heal and resolve the main bulk of these emotional trauma’s, that are the real root cause of your depression and anxiety symptoms in our 7 Day Residential Program. Even if you have been diagnosed with the more ‘severe’ form of depression such as bi-polar depression.

How can we do this so quickly?

The answer is with Cathartic Breathwork – The Future of Therapy. Available to us Now!

Cathartic Breathwork is what enables the emotional cleansing/ enema that is needed to occur. It is very unique, powerful and very effective. One of those rare techniques that usually delivers more than it promises. There is nothing else like it in both its nature and its ability to give results very quickly and directly. It really is the future of therapy. Cathartic Breathwork is an unconscious mind ‘Defence’ displacement technique. Not some mere ‘breathing exercise’ that you need to practice daily for months or years on end to get noticeable if any at all, benefits. You can find these forms of breathing exercises on the internet for free or in a book.

What is Cathartic Breathwork?

Cathartic Breathwork ( CBW ) is a very unique and specific type of Breathwork. Do not let the name fool you. It is not about deep breathing or ‘learning how to breathe correctly’. CBW is 60 minutes or more of a very particular depth, speed, and intensity of breathing, done only thru the mouth, in a controlled pattern and most importantly guided by an experienced ’emotional trauma release’ therapist. The very precise breathing pattern breaks down the barrier between conscious and unconscious, giving the person undergoing treatment a chance to feel and express all the emotions that had been until that moment trapped in the unconscious. It allows for ‘Emotional Level Memory’ recall. Very different to a ‘Regression’ technique. Releasing these blocked/ suppressed/ deeply buried emotions is the equivalent of ‘uprooting’ the very root of your depression & Anxiety symptoms! Permanently. It is like an ’emotional enema’. It works from the 1st session onwards. Giving very noticeable benefits within the first 3 sessions. The more sessions you have, the better you feel. Guaranteed. It is a genuine unconscious mind cleansing technique that the next generation of psychotherapists have been developing and refining over the last 50 years or so. It is the Future of Therapy and it is available to use now.

ABOUT JAAN SANAAM, The Founder of ‘The Depression Solution’

Jaan Sanaam is one of Australia’s recognized authorities on Breathwork & Consciousness and a pioneer of running therapy groupwork trauma release therapy and personal development, using Cathartic Breathwork & the pioneering work of Wilhelm Reich and Body/Heart de-armouring techniques of Bio-Energetics.
Having started his inner journey at the very young age of 14 thru meditation and pranayama (Yogi style Breathwork), Jaan went on to become Australia’s youngest professional ‘Trauma Release Breathwork Therapist’ and started facilitating groupwork by the age of 20. By this age, he also became the main driving force behind what has over the years evolved into the ‘Australian Breathwork Association’– Jaan being somewhat of a ‘futurist’ and recognizing early in his career that Breathwork IS the Future of Therapy, Jaan recognized quickly that for Breathwork to take its rightful place as a valid and respected therapy it rightfully deserves. These small beginnings of the Australian BreathworkAssociation became the platform to educate the public, standardize trainings, ethics, and boundaries in Breathwork Therapy.

This is how the ‘Jaan Sanaam School of Breathwork’ was born. Soon Jaans’ 1 year trainings became the foundation training, those wishing to pursue a professional career facilitating individual session move on to do the 2nd year and those wishing to facilitate groups join the 3rd which trains them in the skills to run group therapy using Breathwork.

Soon the ‘Jaan Sanaam School of Breathwork’ went on to become one of the largest Breathwork Therapy & Training Organizations in the Southern Hemisphere with people travelling to the weekly Sydney classes from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Queensland. Nothing stopped those who wanted THE BEST Training in Breathwork Therapy. People soon started travelling from Europe and even as far as Saudi Arabia just to attend his programs.

Currently age 43, Jaan owns & runs ‘Mandalong Sanctuary’ a retreat on 100 acres, at the foot of the Watagan Ranges, 90 minutes North of Sydney with the love of his life, his exceptionally multi-gifted Yoga Teacher & Naturopath wife – Gina Burn-Sanaam and their Labrador, Yogi-Bear.


Do you have any questions about how we can help you, our techniques or about your condition? If so, please fill in the form below and one of our team will contact you within 24-48 hours.







” The 7 Day Residential took my anxiety levels from 9/10 to 2/10 – PERMANENTLY. This has drastically improved not only my marriage but also all the other aspects of my life. This is a program/ Personal Development process for intelligent people who want real and permanent results.”

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“I have endured 24 years of moderate to severe depression and I think I have tried almost everything there is to try without lasting results. After the 7 day programme, I now feel like that old black dog has been banished and I am full of enthusiasm and positivity for the future.”


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Depression is not just a chemical imbalance in your brain, here is the proof

If you are ready to make a real change in how you feel, deal with your depression once and for all, finally make yourself emotionally available to your family, friends and start living fully again, call us NOW on 1300 500 881. Our 7 Day Programs only have room for a maximum number of 12 clients per intake so we recommend you take action ASAP.So if truly sick of being depressed and you are ready to make the change call now on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303).