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In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 1300 500 881 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

Finally, the future of Anxiety& Depression Treatment is here!


We here at ‘The Anxiety & Depression Solution’ extend a very warm welcome to you, your family and loved ones. We intend not only to provide you and your loved ones with the ultimate in ‘leading edge’ treatment and care, but also to make every aspect of your experience with us a positive and memorable one.

Mental Health Illness awareness and its treatment are becoming normalised, and so it is about time. It is long overdue. It is a sign of the times that just like physical health, emotional and Psycho-spiritual health and wellbeing maintenance also needs to be prioritised if we wish to live a quality life and have this, in turn, improve relationships, productivity and self-confidence.
Did you know some Doctors are reporting rates as high as eight out of ten patients they see are for ‘mental health issues’ and apart from prescribing pharmaceuticals, there only modus operands is to send you to a psychologist.

The treatment used most commonly is called CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and can cost approx. $240 – $320 per session per fortnight for 6-12 months.

CBT all that they were taught at University and as far as therapeutic techniques, and wait for it, CBT was ‘invented’ in the 1960’s. Issues were very different back then, AND we have at our disposal much more impactful therapy techniques that work much faster and permanently.

One of these techniques is ‘Cathartic Breathwork’- likened to ‘laser surgery’ for the mind getting to the core of the issue every time.

Cathartic Breathwork, combined with the most leading-edge psychotherapeutic modalities, is literally, “The Future of Therapy. There is nothing else like it. It works for everyone.

Imagine you or your loved one becoming free, or at the very least having a drastic decrease in the severity or duration of Anxiety and or Depression symptoms within just one week after attending our 7 Day Residential Intensive.

7 Days is all it takes to get to the root cause of your anxiety and or depression symptoms and start you on a new path, a life free from the debilitating effects of mental and psycho-spiritual afflictions, and in some cases be free from them permanently with no further treatment necessary.

A grounded-breaking, effective, holistic and drug free technique that enables you to feel good again in a short space of time is what we offer!

Call today on 1300 500 881 (or if overseas +61 2 4977 3303) to find out how we can help you in such a short space of time through our 7 Day Residential Program.

We have people fly from as far as Europe and Dubai to seek treatment with us that is how groundbreaking and revolutionary our approach is, with the results to match and how our reputation is spreading worldwide.

It is also a reason why you need to call as soon as is practicable, as we have a waiting list and the sooner you reserve your place, the sooner you will be free from the affliction we call Anxiety & Depression.

We pride ourselves on the ‘Private & Confidential’ setting we provide, taking on a maximum of 10 clients for each group, with only the minimal support staff necessary on a 100 acres next to a National Park, so you can feel rest assured your stay with us will be discreet and private if that is a priority for you.

Due to such small groups and ever-increasing demand, we recommend you call as soon as it’s practical so you can be placed on our waiting list.


  • Depression or Anxiety is not a mystery.
  • It is not a ‘mental illness.
  • Its origin is not genetic.
  • IT IS NOT a chemical imbalance in the brain.
  • IT IS NOT something that you need to learn to live with or spend months or years trying to resolve.
  • It is unfortunately also not something you can heal by paying someone to ‘talk about it’ as you can do this with a best friend.
  • Is it not something you can simply resolve by ‘changing your thoughts from negative to positive ones. Just think happy thoughts instead of negative ones, be calm and happy does not work. Obviously, the advice and approaches by people who have never suffered this debilitating condition.


  • A build-up of emotional pain (e.g. dysfunctional parenting approaches, schoolyard bullying, first heartbreak or two, or any one of 1001 emotionally painful, but normal parts of growing up experiences, that we would never have expected. It’s the build-up of these that result in the symptoms we call Depression.
  • Also, straightforward trauma such as accidents, sexual interference or abuse, operations, physical punishment (abuse), substance-addicted parents, mental and emotional abuse from parents, parents that are abusive towards each other, and any one of 1001 other unpleasant upbringing scenarios that result in emotional trauma which causes ’emotional constipation’. This same build-up of emotional trauma is what triggers the ‘fight or flight response’ which accounts for most, if not all anxiety symptoms. As you can see trauma or emotional pain can be a result of ‘Gross Trauma’ such a sexual abuse, or ‘Subtle Trauma’ such as dysfunctional parenting styles. Both Gross & Subtle Trauma have a massive impact on a child, which then shows up as ‘mental illness issues’, especially anxiety and depression later in adult life.

What is Cathartic Breathwork?

Cathartic Breathwork (CBW) is a very unique and specific type of Breathwork. Do not let the name fool you. It is not about deep breathing or ‘learning how to breathe correctly’. CBW is 60 minutes (or more) of a very particular depth, speed, and intensity of breathing, done only through the mouth, in a controlled pattern and most importantly guided by an experienced ’emotional trauma release’ therapist. The very precise breathing pattern breaks down the barrier between conscious and unconscious, giving the person undergoing treatment a chance to feel and express all the emotions that had been until that moment trapped in the unconscious. It allows for ‘Emotional Level Memory’ recall and is very different from a ‘Regression’ technique. Releasing these blocked or suppressed deeply buried emotions is the equivalent of ‘uprooting’ the very root of your depression and anxiety symptoms permanently.

It is like an ’emotional enema’. It works from the 1st session onwards. Giving very noticeable benefits within the first three sessions. The more sessions you have, the better you feel. Guaranteed. It is a genuine unconscious mind cleansing technique that the next generation of psychotherapists have been developing and refining over the last 50 plus years. It is the Future of Therapy, and it is available to use now.


Do you have any questions about how we can help you, our techniques or about your condition? If so, please fill in the form below and one of our team will contact you within 24-48 hours.







” The 7 Day Residential took my anxiety levels from 9/10 to 2/10 – PERMANENTLY. This has drastically improved not only my marriage but also all the other aspects of my life. This is a program/ Personal Development process for intelligent people who want real and permanent results.”

Our next life changing programs are:

depression anxiety retreat

Join us for our next Extra-Ordinary week of releasing your past to pave the way for a Brighter future at ALL levels of your life, whether healing your relationships, inner peace, life purpose or anxiety & depression is your goal!
7 Day – Advanced Life Transformation Residential:
16th till 22nd November
Weekend residential:
28th – 30th September
Since we only have 10 spots available AND Early Bird prices apply do not put this off and call us today to register on:
1300 500 881
From overseas +61 2 4977 3303
2 Day – Introductory Program on Cathartic Breathwork and how it treats Anxiety & Depression
For An Intro program we have 12 spots available, to register call:
1300 500 881

From overseas +61 2 4977 3303
“I have endured 24 years of moderate to severe depression and I think I have tried almost everything there is to try without lasting results. After the 7 day programme, I now feel like that old black dog has been banished and I am full of enthusiasm and positivity for the future.”


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From Bi-Polar Depression, Heavily medicated to total freedom from my technique


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Depression is not just a chemical imbalance in your brain, here is the proof

If you are ready to make a real change in how you feel, deal with your depression once and for all, finally make yourself emotionally available to your family, friends and start living fully again, call us NOW on 1300 500 881. Our 7 Day Programs only have room for a maximum number of 12 clients per intake so we recommend you take action ASAP.So if truly sick of being depressed and you are ready to make the change call now on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303).