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In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 1300 500 881 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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Thinking Too Much?

No inner peace let alone inner meditative stillness? Whether it is anxiety, obsessive thinking patterns, obsessive compulsive disorder, too active a mind that results in sleep issues or simply the inability to quieten the mind and still it in order to experience a meditative state we all suffer to various degrees from too much thinking. […]
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Importance Of Emotional Release

After over 20 years experience in emotional release work, both with my own awakening process, and 17 of those years professionally facilitating other peoples emotional release process through ‘Cathartic style Breathwork’, the importance of ‘emotional integration’ is still the main message I have for people who wish to be free of Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues […]
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Emotional Integration

Why some people heal whilst others stay stuck Emotional Integration. Sounds fancy… like the expression ‘Emotional Intelligence’… Scientific nearly… Conveys a sense of soul-full-ness and science at the same time… Rightfully so… Our emotional process has a science to it. Due to modalities such as Cathartic Style Breathwork we are mapping/ categorizing the stages of […]
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