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In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 1300 500 881 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

What is Depression?

So how do I view the cause of Depression?

I have decided to use 3 different models/ ways of putting depression across so as I can cover the various levels of intellect & intuition driven people. Heart, neutral energy and gross and subtle trauma.

Model 1- The Feeling/ Heart Centre

We only have one ‘ heart energy centre’. The one feeling centre called the ‘heart chakra’  in the East. Through this feeling centre we feel EVERYTHING, the good – happiness for no reason, joy, love and positive peak emotions. We also feel the primary negative emotions through this same centre, fear, grief, anger, shame and guilt.

As children, these emotions are too intense for us to feel. We have not developed the emotional maturity to process these intense negative feelings yet, so every time we are told off by a parent, feel abused, threatened, hurt etc we close a bit of this feeling centre down. By the age of 7, we have learnt to ‘concretize’ our emotions in our heart/ feeling centre. This means a large chunk of our heart/feeling centre is closed off and then we wonder why as adults we live in our intellect instead of our heart, feel numb, no joy, need to turn to external objects/people for happiness and joy and then suffer depression and other forms of unhappiness. Dam one emotion and you dam them all, regardless whether they are good or bad feelings.

Find the courage to spend 7 days with us, unblock the old, unconscious negative feelings and the good feelings flow naturally as a by-product. Call ASAP on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303) as we take only 12 new participants per program.

Model 2 – The 1 Neutral Human Life force Model

We are all given/have access to a neutral life force. Some call it Chi, some call it Prana, other cultures have many names for it.

This one neutral energy can be used for love energy, creative energy, sexual energy, motivational energy, emotional energy, joy/happiness energy, work energy, exercise energy etc.

Imagine,  for arguments sake you have access to 1000 units of this neutral life-force and as a child due to a parent screaming at you for doing what a child naturally does, play, explore, push boundaries etc, lets say you are yelled at. You feel fear, you cry over the fear also, as is a child behaviour.  Then, you are told to either ‘stop crying’ or you decide to hold it all in.

The fear for example used up 10 units of this neutral life-force and the grief used up another 10 units, but wait,  it takes more units of that life force to hold those emotions in, then actually was used to make them. So 10 units of fear, 10 units of grief needed 21 units of life force at least to enable you to squash the feelings somewhere in your heart and block off/compartmentalize that part of your heart so as not to feel those unpleasant feelings again.

How many times did you cry when young? How many times did you feel fear or terror? How many  times  did you get forced not to tantrum/be angry and swallow or lock away your anger? How much of your life force do you have left to enjoy life with?  How many of those 1000 units do you have left for happy juices, joy juices, inspiration and motivation?

Get my logic?  This is how our energetic system works. I have been meditating since the age of 14. I have had a long time to explore this and uncover the workings of this life force mechanism.

Find the courage to spend 7 days with us, unblock the old, unconscious negative feelings and the good feelings flow naturally as a by-product. Call ASAP on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303) as we take only 12 new participants per program.


This is so subtle, it usually falls into the category of ‘normal’, so most people miss the fact that they are also majorly traumatized, they do not realize they have SUBTLE trauma, and can spend a lifetime trying to find the mysterious cause behind their issue such as depression. It is only through Cathartic Breathwork that we have been able to uncover how deep and easily we are hurt through supposedly ‘normal occurrences in life.

• Conception trauma – Most people are here to fill in a void for a parent or two.

• Womb Trauma – such as listening to a father not wanting another child whilst in the womb and deciding you are ‘Not Wanted’.

• Birth Trauma – a list of trauma cases so long that even if we devoted this whole website we would not have enough space to list and describe the variations of Birth Trauma.

• Circumcision Trauma – The boy child who does not look into his mothers eyes after circumcision due to the feelings of betrayal. 90% of rape, violence towards women, sado-masochistic sexual violence is perpetrated by circumcised men still getting out their rage at mum back.

• Infancy Trauma – helpless, hopeless, needed emotional love needs for 2/3 years.

• Specific Parent Trauma –Such as controlling/invalidating father, smother mother, sibling issues etc.

• School Trauma – Confusion, inappropriate teacher behaviour, teasing, confusing etc.

• Religious Trauma – Massive, too long to describe.

This is only half of the traumas we have been able to discover due to the Cathartic Breath work and its un-equaled ability to open up the unconscious mind by temporarily displacing the defense barrier between conscious and unconscious mind.

If you are ready to make a real change in how you feel, deal with your depression once and for all, finally make yourself emotionally available to your family, friends and start living fully again, call us NOW on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303). Our 7 Day Programs have a limit of 16 participants and we only run the program 4 times per year with people flying as far as Europe to attend them.

So if truly sick of being depressed and you are ready to make the change call now on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303).


  • "Before I began the 7 day intensive retreat I could not get to sleep because of a foreboding feeling of dread and fear or I would wake up with my stomach tied in knots. Now after the retreat I cannot get to sleep because I am so excited about life, feeling vital and optimistic yet I wake up feeling well rested."

    Geri R.
    Geri R.
  • "My old self and negative patterns have been left behind permanently. I now have the tools to work through feelings of fear and worry which had previously dominated my life causing a lot of physical and emotional pain. My true self wouldn't have surfaced without the assistance of the retreat."

    Luke Z
    Luke Z
  • "I really didn't know how my emotions that I normally push down in my day to day life have ultimately been running my life. Committing to this process is the most empowering thing I've ever done!"

    Sharee E
    Sharee E
  • "I have endured 24 years of moderate to severe depression and I think I have tried almosteverything there is to try without lasting results. After the 7 day programme I now feel like that old black dog has been banished and I am full of enthusiasm and positivity for the future."

    Annie M
    Annie M