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In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 0403 492 249 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

7-Day Residential Program

World Renowned 7 Day Advanced Life Transformation Program



Our Residential 7 Day Program – Transitions – has built a reputation worldwide as a ‘leading edge & highly effective ‘Advanced Life Transformation’ experience which people fly in from all around the world to attend.

Will the program work in my case?

Even though people are all individuals with different needs, at different stages of inner exploration, healing & development, with different presenting life issues and symptoms, everyone is the same in that they have a desire to change their main current life issue(s).

Eventually as people undergo this program they discover that their depression and/ or anxiety causes are also the same issues that people have behind their relationship and self-esteem issues for example.

Our 7day program is for everybody.

It can be likened to an ‘Escalator’…no matter what level you are at, and whatever life issue you may be ‘working’ on, the leading edge and powerful techniques are for everyone.

The techniques will always take you TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL!

When you combine this dynamic with the fact that we keep our numbers very limited, it means that you or your loved one will not be just another number, No-one gets lost in the crowd’ – Not only will this nurture a sense of privacy, intimacy and safety. The main benefit is that you will experience ‘Exclusive Group Work’ – where depending upon your needs, even though you will do the same processes that everyone else is doing, your case will be approached differently and you will be treated uniquely during the structured program to in-sure you receive all you need to get the root cause of your particular life issue(s).


A typical Day in the 7 day residential program looks like this:

8am                        Day starts with a Nature walk or a session of yoga

9am                        Breakfast

9:45am                   Daily Group Check in and Group Therapy starts for the day

10:00am                Break

10:30am                Theme of the Day: Each day has a particular theme around which the experiential work is based

* Even though Anxiety & Depression may seem unrelated to some of these topics, research has found that these areas of our lives are impacted our Anxiety & Depression.  

  • Maintaining Healthy, Meaningful Relationships with Boundaries and have BOTH your needs AND your partners needs met without sacrificing the real you and your personal integrity
  • Managing symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety & Depression and other ‘Mental Health‘ issues. Simple, Daily & Practical Strategies to use
  • Self Esteem Building – Self Worth/ Love as an Action – The root cause of feeling good about yourself.
  • Inner Peace Technology – What it really takes to stop mind chatter – YES, IT IS ACCOMPLISHABLE!
  • 5 PRIMARY COLOURS OF EMOTIONS and how to reclaim power over them so as they do not ‘own you’
  • Raising your Vitality & Energy Levels – Through Quality food & Detoxification Protocol and the Ultimate Energy Reclaiming – Cathartic Breathwork – Emotional Trauma Release ( ETR ), the Emotional Trauma that runs (ruins ) your whole life, happiness, quality of life, relationships, self talk even your life Purpose
  • Communication with estranged loved ones, family members etc – Rebuilding our connections that support & Nurture us – Even THE most ‘Given up hope’ relationships can be healed

Each lecture on a particular theme for the day includes experiential work which can last ALL day

*Research shows that lectures alone/ seminar style information programs do not give real & permanent changes in how you FEEL long term. 

12:30pm                Lunch

1:30pm                   Continuation of theme of the day in the form of practical work

3:00pm                  Advanced Breathwork Therapy session of the day. Advanced as they last 2/3 hours and displace the ego/ defence structure at a very deep level so as to guarantee ‘uprooting’ the real cause of your issues. When we combine the work of Whilhelm Reichs map of ‘The stages of emotional development’ and how trauma at each of these stages result in a very particular character and reliable set of life issue we are able to offer you an approach to healing your issues like no other in existence. This is our very own unique mix that enables us to guarantee your healing, rather than it be a ‘miss or hit’ approach.

5:00pm                  Debrief and Education of your emotional process about your inner healing for the day and often more group work required due to what has opened up over the previous Cathartic Breathwork Session – CBW.

7:00pm                  Movement –         

  • Kundalini Dance Process
  • Chakra Dance
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Chakra Breathing Movement meditation.
  • And finally Wed night we have a disco to celebrate your Victory of making it and celebrating the better quality life that awaits you.

8:30pm                  Dinner

9:30pm                  Free time                Sauna (available every night)

                                                                  Spa for 12 under moonlight/ Starlight (available some nights)


                                                                 Meditation/ Mindfullness

                                                                 Sleep Hygeine