In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 0403 492 249 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.


FAQ about Depression and our 7 Day ‘Advanced Life Transformation’ Program

Where is this information from?

This is not ‘just another text book, scientific Journal type synopsis’ on Depression, I want to tell you about where the information you are about to read comes from… THIS ALL COMES FROM MY DIRECT EXPERIENCE.


You can explain to someone about sex, all the intricacies, how it will feel, yet, even with the greatest grasp of the English language and even with an incredible vocabulary, a person will never, ever understand what it really feels like, until they experience sex for the 1st time.

My experience is this. I visited my 1ST at age 14 I started a daily meditation practise hoping that would make me feel better and help with what back then I termed as ‘ a negative/ dark cloud over my head’ and my major lack of confidence issues which were crippling. Talking to someone one to one was manage able, but put me into a group of 2/3 or more and I would shut down, contribute very little and feel very ‘self-conscious, like I was an alien, did not belong, not felt I was wanted there. More on that later.

At age 17 I went to see a Breathwork therapist for ‘regression’ to try and heal my anxiety & depression, EUREKA! It worked. By age 20 I was a trained ‘Breathwork Orientated Psychotherapist and started facilitating workshops and seeing individual clients for Anxiety, Depression Relationships and other life issues the same year. I was blessed to find my life purpose as a healer and gain the trust of adults & facilitate workshops for them at the young age of 20. I am now 40 years of age and have been seeing individual clients running workshops for 20 year now, and most importantly training psychotherapists full time for the last 14 years so I can train as many people as possible in what I and 10000-‘s of people around the world perceived and stand by the fact that ‘Cathartic breathwork’; is the ‘FUTURE OF PSYCHOTHERAPY! –I have lost track in the number of people saying, ‘’wow! even this one session gave me more lasting benefit than seeing my psychologist fortnightly for the last 12 months…I feel I have wasted so much money and time feeling miserable and missing out on the richness of life and as a result not really being there for my wife and children. This type of benefit I have seen in approximately 2000 to 3000 individual clients and groups of people I have facilitated – approximately 300/400 weekend to weeklong (7 Day) residential & non –residential programs.

7 Day Residential programs are generating a worldwide reputation with people flying in from as far as Europe and the United Emirates to put their heads & hearts into my hands and help them heal whatever life issue they are challenged with. I have experienced a fair bit in my last 20 years as a practitioner/ Psychotherapist.

So how do you view as the cause of Depression? I will use 3 different models/ ways of putting depression cross so as I can cover the various levels of intellect & intuition driven people. Heart, neutral energy and gross and subtle trauma. time. Psychologist at the young age of 11 for sleeping disturbances,

What happens on the 7 day residential program?

You will have access to the best of the best, most cutting edge psychotherapeutic modalities that I have been trained in over the last 25 years and that actually work. Daily you will have a ‘Cathartic Breathwork Session’ which literally (no sales spiel here) is the future of psycho-therapy itself. This will be combined with Dynamic Kundalini Yoga, Passive Yin Yoga, Other emotional and Mental release techniques, Work on ‘Conscious Relationships’ ( see Jaan Jerabek’s video on ‘The Secrets to a Loving Relationship’), Work on Self Love/ Self Worth and a whole lot more. The Days are 8am start and approximately 9/10pm finish.

Does it work for everyone? What if I am an exception/ different & it does not work for me?

IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE. It is like an escalator ride, no matter what level you are at, it just takes you up to the next level. The Truth is though some people have done a lot/ years of ground work and they have only 250 units of pain left, so there recovery may look different to someone who has just started and carries 1000 units of pain. This will get EVERYBODY TO THE NEXT LEVEL QUICKER THAN ANYTHING ELSE. There is a reason people fly from as far as Europe to attend this.

Why does it work for everyone?

We may be different ages, have different jobs, look different, have different symptoms, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, BUT, we are all the same human mechanism. We just have to displace the defence between conscious and unconscious mind and out comes the old baggage, the hard drive is emptied and we feel better. Regardless who you are.

What are the logistical food and sleeping arrangements?

We have 1 couple room, the rest of the rooms are 4 per room, of course male and females are separated. We have Hilton Hotel Mattresses and the finest bedding for your comfort after a hard day of inner work.

The food is an organic, vegan, allergy free macro-biotic ( full of life force diet ). I am also a nutritionist and have designed a diet to make it easier for your neuro-muscular system ( where trauma is held ) to release the trauma. There is also a voluntary 2 – 4 day freshly squeezes organic fruit and vegetable juice fast as this helps the trauma come out from much deeper and much quicker as food is used collectively as a suppressant agent. A socially accepted drug. So it is also a great way to detoxify and lose weight

What type of people come to the programmes?

16 year olds, university students, artists, multi-millionaire corporation owners, business men & women, grandparents, couples, people trying to save their marriage. 16 – 80 year olds.

Is it just for people with Depression?

No. As touched upon. Our undealt with core trauma is behind our self-worth/ self-esteem issues, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, inner unrest, inner turmoil of all sorts. It is a Universal technique that works for all, as all has its roots in the unconscious realms of the mind – remember, we only are aware of 2% of our thinking process, 98% of our thinking/ decision/ motivational influences we are not aware off. No matter how highly intelligent you are, the unconscious is the unconscious and you are dealing with realms of the mind that you don’t know that you don’t know.

Is there are a minimum or maximum age?

15 -90 years of age. As long as this resonates with you and you are ready. You cannot simply ‘PUT’ someone into this if they are not willing.

What if I had no trauma?

If you are human, in a physical form you are traumatized ( see page : Am I Traumatized? On home menu). If you were not traumatized you would be an enlightened being like the Lord Buddha, Jesus etc living on another plane of existence. Denial is not just a river in Egypt! That is why they call it ‘The Unconscious. You are just not aware of the full extent of your trauma.

What if my parents and mine relationship were great and it is not childhood baggage

IMPOSSIBLE. Just because we have an expression in our vocabulary that is the term ‘dysfunctional family’ does not imply that functional families actually exist. It takes the average person 4 – 6 years to come out of the main denial they are in. I have shortened this to 7 days, then a year, if you wish to go even further quicker.

What if I do not remember anything that could have traumatized me?

If you knew the trauma fully behind your issues you would be healed and not need us. This is our speciality. To open up the unconscious in a safe way and extract the root of your issues. You leave that part up to us. If you do not remember anything, yet are suffering, that is exactly why you may need to see us.

Find the courage to spend 7 days with us, unblock the old, unconscious negative feelings and the good feelings flow naturally as a by-product. Call ASAP on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303) as we take only 12 new participants per program.