Signs of Depression

In the majority of cases we can permanently release the actual causes, not just the symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in a drug free approach within 7 Days. To see how we can help you or a loved one call us today on: 0403 492 249 Or email your details and situation to us using the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

Signs of Depression

“You see, we only have one ‘FEELING ORGAN’, the heart energy centre, what the Yogi’s and Tibetan Yogis and various ancient spiritual traditions call the ‘Heart Chakra’ – The heart/feeling centre.”.




Helplessness and hopelessness ‘I’m a failure.’ Sick and run down
Feelings of over-whelm ‘It’s my fault.’ Headaches and muscle pains
Guilt and shame ‘Nothing good ever happens to me.’ Sleep problems
Feeling irritable, frustrated and angry ‘I’m worthless’ Loss or change of appetite
Lacking confidence and self-worth ‘Life’s not worth living.’ Significant weight loss or gain
Unhappy for no reason ‘I’m not good enough’ Not going out and socializing
Miserable ‘People would be better off without me.’ Finding it hard to get things done at work and school
Sadness and anguish ‘I’m not wanted’ Withdrawing from close family and friends
Self loathing and self hate ‘People would be better off without me.’ Relying on drugs and alcohol
Feeling stuck and stale ‘I’m not deserving’ Neuro-muscular tension
Dark cloud over your head ‘I’m unloveable’ Physical toxicity
‘No body cares about me/loves me’ Disconnection from the body/desensitised.
Repetitive thought patterns normally of a negative nature No energy or motivation
‘Thinkaholism’ – too much thinking Loss of libido, inability to organism
Lack of trust for ones self,people and the flow of life.

The Untold Story of Psychotropic


If you are ready to make a real change in how you feel and deal with your depression once and for all, finally make yourself emotionally available to your family, friends and start living fully again, call us NOW on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303). Our 7 Day Programs have a limit numbers and we only run the program 4 times per year with people flying as far as Europe to attend them.

So if truly sick of being depressed and you are ready to make the change call now on 1300 500 881 (From overseas +61 2 4977 3303).